Wilasinee Triyarat

Science Communication Unit PhD student profiles - Wilasinee Triyarat

Wilasinee Triyarat is a PhD student who started in the Science Communication Unit in April 2013. Prior to this, she was working as a Science Communicator at the National Science Museum, Thailand, from 2005. Wilasinee was responsible for the development of science activities for young Thai children to promote the increase of science knowledge in Thai society.

Research, practice and projects

Wilasinee PhD thesis is investigating science communication activities that are occurring at a regional level in Thailand and explore whether a framework would be a useful structure for regional science communication based activities. This study will explore three areas:

  • The characteristics of Thai people and geography of Thailand and its effect on science knowledge of Thai people in different areas.
  • The motivation, learning behaviors and learning outcomes of Thai people who engage with a Science Caravan project in the four main regions of Thailand (the North, the South, the North-East of Thailand, and the Centre of Thailand).
  • The possible development of a framework for targeted science activities in individual regions of Thailand.

This research has been funded by the Royal Thai Government. In the future, Wilasinee plans to return to the National Science Museum, Thailand, to support this organisation to improve and develop science communication based activities that are appropriate for Thai people and the context of science in society in Thailand.

Further information