Supara Kamolpattana

Science Communication Unit PhD student profiles - Supara Kamolpattana

Supervisory Team: Dr Karen Bultitude, Dr Clare Wilkinson, Dr Neil Willey

I have been working for the National Science Museum of Thailand since 1997.

The aim of my research is to examine how science communication training for science explainers based in science museums can enhance the awareness of museum visitors their understanding and their cultural attitude to science. My research is divided into three phases:

  1. Explore and identify the attitudes of explainers and visitors at the National Science Museum, Thailand.
  2. Investigate existing training programmes for science explainers in science museums in three or four other countries and explore explainers’ and visitors’ attitudes towards science.
  3. Develop a science communication training model for science explainers in a Thai science museum by combining learning from international best practice with Thai culture.

The result of this research – the development of a science communication model for explainers in the National Science Museum, Thailand – could enhance Thai people’s attitudes towards science and technology and be applied in other oriental countries.

My research is funded by a scholarship from the Royal Thai Government. I would like to thank the National Science Museum for the award of this scholarship. After I have completed my PhD, I will return to the museum to work on science communication projects to fulfil the scholarship’s objective.

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