Project funder: Defra

Project leader: Dr Jessica Lamond

Other UWE Bristol researchers:

Project duration: March 2015 to April 2017

Project website: Flood Repair

Follow the project on X (formerly Twitter): @FloodRepairable

Research partners/collaborators

Project aim

The project’s aim is to identify barriers and propose solutions to promote low cost flood approaches that would make properties at flood risk more resilient to damage from flood waters.

The project’s aim supports the long-term goal of enabling individuals and communities to take more ownership for the management of their flood risk and to recover more quickly as a result.

Project summary

The project will use an action research approach, working closely with the at-risk community to:

  • Update existing knowledge on sensible and low cost ways to make changes to properties during reinstatement and at other times when changes are happening as a result of renewal and transfer of properties.
  • Work with households, small businesses and their property advisers to understand how and when the adaptations can happen and what new training and advice is needed.
  • Design strategies to exploit opportunities to increase take up of measures with the support of householders, business owners and property professionals among others.
  • Work with professionals, the community and other stakeholders to trial these strategies in one community.

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