Environment, Ecology and Conservation research theme

A research cluster within the Centre for Research in Biosciences (CRIB).

Theme overview

The Environmental, Ecology and Conservation research thematic cluster is representative of the need to understand the drivers, consequences, and management of global environmental change. In particular, we seek to determine how biodiversity, climate, land use and land cover, oceans, urban areas, and water resources can be monitored and managed to ensure the long-term sustainability of our planet and its ecosystems.

There is a particular emphasis on working closely with partners to drive interdisciplinary science and innovation from the laboratory and field through to real-world applications. including world-leading research on using airborne DNA to track wildlife, stable isotope ecology, and remote sensing using the latest drone technology. There is an emphasis on harnessing emerging technology to solve ecological and environmental issues including world-leading research on using eDNA to monitor wildlife, stable isotope ecology, and remote sensing using the latest drone technology.

Academic staff

Dr Mark Abrahams

Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science

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Dr Joël Allainguillaume

Associate Professor of Conservation Science (Molecular Genetics)

Dr Joël Allainguillaume's research has centred on the application of molecular approaches to address problems of agronomic, ecological and conservational importance. He has studied factors affecting cacao production with work focusing on the West African endemic Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) and the development of field assays for its detection. He developed molecular strategies using DNA barcoding to analyse complex samples. Applications varies from metagenomics data analysis to track chocolate samples to the identification of pollen carried by bumblebee’s to reveal foraging network.

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Dr Sam Bonnett

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science

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Dr Carrie Brady

Senior Lecturer in Genetics

Dr Carrie Brady's research centres on the taxonomy, identification and detection of bacteria causing disease on broadleaf hosts. She works in collaboration with Forest Research on Acute Oak Decline to develop molecular screening methods, examine synergistic relationships between pathogens and determine routes of infection from possible reservoirs. A new project, in collaboration with Westonbirt Arboretum, aims to evaluate the risks to lime (Tilia) trees following increasing reports of bleeding cankers on this host.

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Dr Rachael Chidugu-Ogborigbo

Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

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Dr Paul Craze

Lecturer in Scientific Research Methods

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Professor John Hancock

Professor of Cell Signalling

Professor John Hancock's research centres on cell signalling and small reactive molecules. This focuses on the production and role of reactive oxygen species (ROS), nitric oxide and reactive nitrogen species (RNS), hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen gas. He has authored Cell Signalling (OUP), Why Elephants Cry (CRC Press), and (with Dr Tim Craig and Ros Rouse) Animal Welfare in a Pandemic (CRC Press). He is editor for several scientific journals and Editor-in-Chief for the journal Oxygen (MDPI). 

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Dr Bethan Hindle

Lecturer in Environmental Biology

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Dr Sue Kageler

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Data Analysis

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Dr Katy Ling

Senior Lecturer in Applied Ecology

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Dr Paul Lintott

Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science

Dr Paul Lintott's research focuses on investigating how modern challenges, such as urban expansion, persecution, and noise pollution impact wildlife. His work involves close interaction with ecological practitioners, with the aim of creating practical and sustainable solutions to human – wildlife interactions. Recent work includes leading research on sexual segregation in bats, assessing how biodiverse soundscapes impact human health and wellbeing, and understanding the impact of music festivals on wildlife.

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Dr Pete Maxfield

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry

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Dr Lynda Newton

Dean and Head of School of Applied Sciences

Despite being the Head of School of Applied Sciences, Dr Lyn Newton will always be a marine ecologist. Recent PhD supervisions focus on using aquatic biomarkers, from seagrass communities, to eels and eDNA, to the effects of marine pollution using sponges.  She has also research the resilience of coral reef communities, with the University of Havana, Cuba and through SCUBA training her students in reef data collection. She believes that, for excellent student experience, all we need to engage students in our research.

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Dr Aimee Oxley

Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science

Dr Aimee Oxley is an interdisciplinary applied conservation scientist with experience of researching and working with people and wildlife to improve human-wildlife coexistence, focusing on crop-foraging wildlife in the rural tropics. Using natural and social sciences methods, she investigates wildlife responses to human activities and human perceptions of and behaviour towards wildlife. She explores drivers of resilience for people dealing with crop-foraging animals, including fear and safety, livelihoods and wellbeing.

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Dr Freya Radford

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science (Marine)

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Professor Darren Reynolds

Professor of Health and Environment

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Dr Stephanie Sargeant

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science

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Dr Elizabeth (Buffy) Smith

Lecturer in Conservation Science

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Dr Mark Steer

Associate Professor of Conservation

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Dr Andrea Wilmshurst

Senior Lecturer in Maths Supporting Science

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