Projects within the Centre for Research in Biosciences (CRIB)

Researchers in the Centre have secured funding for a range of projects that have resulted in real scientific, social and economic benefits. Read more about the impact of our projects listed below.


Read more about the differences some of our projects are making.

Acute oak decline

Identification and taxonomy of bacteria associated with the acute oak decline (AOD).

Alzheimer's disease

Can we delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease?

Diarrhoea diagnostic device

The diarrhoea diagnostic device: from bench to bedside.

Enhancing bone implant performance and longevity

Enhancing bone implant performance and longevity through novel surface functionalisations.

Inherited eye disease

Understanding the molecular biology of inherited eye disease.

Converting rainforest to oil palm plantation

What are the environmental consequences?

Organophosphate pesticide contamination

Developing a rapid test for organophosphate pesticide contamination.

Plant antimicrobial hot zones

Understanding how plant antimicrobial 'hot zones' can accelerate pathogen evolution.

Protein SUMOylation in glucose homeostasis

The role of protein SUMOylation in glucose homeostasis and Type-II Diabetes.

Radioactivity in the environment

Transfer, exposure, effects: understanding radioactivity in the environment.

Targeting the oncogene ERG in prostate cancer

Targeting the oncogene ERG in prostate cancer with splice switching oligonucleotides.

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