(BIOlogical air pollution Modelling and associations with Lung Disease)

Project details

Funding bodies: NERC/MRC


  • UK Small Area Health Statistics Unit
  • MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health
  • Imperial College London

Dates: 2017–2018

Project summary

BIOlogical air pollution Modelling and associations with Lung Disease (BIOMOLD) is a collaboration between the AQMRC, UWE Bristol and the Small Area Health Statistics Unit, Imperial College London (ICL).

The aim of this study is to produce the first population exposure estimates near all operating large scale outdoor composting facilities in England between 2005 and 2014 using existing bioaerosol modelling parameters. In addition, we investigated spatial patterns of bioaerosol dispersion around each facility (4 km), with specific emphasis on the influence of wind speed and direction on exposure estimates.

The AQMRC lead the dispersion modelling aspect of the research project whilst ICL lead on the epidemiological assessment, data for which has been derived from the AQMRC modelling outputs.

Please email Dr Ben Williams at for more details.

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