We have worked on a range of prominent and exciting policy, scientific and technical based projects with numerous distinguished local, national and international partners. We continue to keep knowledge exchange, capacity development, information dissemination and public participation as the core principals for all past and current projects.

Local Government

The AQMRC is able to provide a range of comprehensive service in relation to the UK air quality review and assessment and air quality action planning. This includes the preparation of Updating and Screening Assessments, Detailed Assessments, Further Assessments and Progress Reports. Members of the team are familiar with consultation techniques being deployed by local authorities with respect to Action Planning and Air Quality Strategy work, at both a regional and local level.

Central Government

AQMRC has been involved in the development and subsequent revision of UK Local Air Quality Management Guidance (LAQM.TG4(98), LAQM.TG4(00), LAQM.TG(03) and LAQM.TG(09), as well as national (non-statutory) guidance on Air Quality Action Planning, AQMA designation and Air Quality Assessments for Development Control.

AQMRC, in collaboration with Air Quality Consultants Ltd, has also appraised all UK local authority Review and Assessment documents submitted as part of Rounds 1, 2, 3 and part of Round 4 of Local Air Quality Management. AQMRC has experience of undertaking international air quality implementation projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

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