UWE Bristol Film grad earns BAFTA recognition for sustainable storytelling

Media Relations Team, 08 March 2024

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Two women in a greenhouse. One woman holds a film camera, filming another woman planting seeds in a tray.

UWE Bristol filmmaking graduate, Innes Letch, is receiving praise for her short documentary, "The State of Earth," which explores the organic food movement in the UK.

The film has recently been featured as a case study on the BAFTA albert Education Partnership blog, a leading initiative championing environmental responsibility in the film and television industry.

The blog applauds ‘The State of the Earth’ and its ability to “inspire both onscreen and off”, highlighting its success in merging impactful storytelling with sustainable filmmaking practices.

Letch's passion for environmental activism shines through in "The State of Earth". Following the pioneering journey of Lady Eve, founder of The Soil Association, the film sheds light on the importance of sustainable farming practices while captivating viewers with a powerful narrative.

“I’ve always been interested in capturing stories and seeing how they can have an impact on people and create change,” says Letch, outlining how she always knew that the stories she told onscreen would be linked to her passion for exploring issues the climate, biodiversity and wildlife, “basically problems that are very serious in the world right now. I thought through making these films I could have a small amount of impact and try and do something about the problems in the world right now.” 

Beyond its compelling message, "The State of Earth" stands out for its commitment to sustainable production. The team embraced eco-conscious practices, from utilizing rechargeable batteries and prioritizing archive footage to minimizing travel by staying overnight at filming locations.

"Innes’s documentary being featured by BAFTA albert is a fantastic endorsement of the success of the albert Education Partnership," says Professor Charlotte Crofts, UWE Bristol's albert Sustainability Lead.

"UWE Bristol has fully embraced this initiative, integrating it into our curriculum and empowering future filmmakers to be changemakers within the industry. Seeing our students translate these principles into impactful storytelling is incredibly exciting. It speaks to the potential of this generation of filmmakers to be changemakers within the industry, driving positive environmental action through their work."

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