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Following the release of data on unconditional offers by UCAS earlier today, the University would like to take the opportunity to set out its position on this issue.

UWE Bristol only makes conditional offers to prospective students, unless they have already achieved the required academic entry qualification for their chosen course.

UWE Bristol believes it is not in applicants' best interests to make unconditional offers, as they can result in students ceasing their studies or failing to focus fully on their pending qualifications. Level 3 studies (A-levels, BTEC, Access or equivalent) are carried through life, on CVs and job applications, and we would want all applicants to strive to achieve the best possible outcomes in these.

Continuing to complete Level 3 qualifications gives students the best academic preparation possible for the step up to university level studies. In some cases, the subject specific knowledge gained through Level 3 studies can also be highly beneficial to university studies. We hope the University's approach to unconditional offers encourages our applicants to value their academic achievements as much as we do.

In November last year, UWE Bristol's Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve West was among the signatories on a letter to The Times newspaper from school and university leaders calling for action to be taken to address the growing practice of universities offering prospective students unconditional offers.

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