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Art and Creative Practice Dr Katrina Mitcheson
Conceptual Decolonisation   Dr Francesco Tava
Data Ethics Dr Francesco Tava
Eco-Philosophy  Dr Charlotte Alderwick 
Environmental Ethics  Dr Charlotte Alderwick 
European Union  Dr Francesco Tava 
Feminist Theory  Professor Alison Assiter
Film/Philosophy Dr Francesco Tava
Human Rights Professor Alison Assiter
Human Agency and Freedom  Dr Charlotte Alderwick 
Idealism Dr Iain Grant 
Information Theory  Dr Miguel Prado Casanova 
New and Critical Humanities Dr Francesco Tava 
Philosophy as a Way of Life Dr Katrina Mitcheson 
Philosophy of Nature and Science Dr Iain Grant
Philosophy of Psychiatry and Wellbeing Dr Sean Watson 
Process Ontology  Phoebe Page 
Responsible Innovation Dr Francesco Tava 
Science and Technology Studies Dr Miguel Prado Casanova
Self-Construction  Dr Katrina Mitcheson 
Solidarity  Dr Francesco Tava 
Speculative Realism Dr Iain Grant
Systems Theory  Phoebe Page 

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