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Armed conflict  Professor Noelle Quenivet 
Child soldiers  Professor Noelle Quenivet 
Competition law - EU, French and UK Christian Dadomo
Criminal Justice Dr Thomas Smith 
Environmental law - EU and French  Christian Dadomo 
EU citizenship Professor Noelle Quenivet 
EU law (general) Christian Dadomo 
Financial and banking secrecy  Dr Mary Young 
Financial crime Sam Bourton 
Financial crime  Demelza Hall
Financial crime Diana Johnson 
Financial crime  Dr Mary Young
Gender pay gap  Professor Hazel Conley 
Gender pay gap Professor Sue Durbin 
International criminal court  Professor Noelle Quenivet 
International criminal law Dr Mary Young 
International environmental law  Professor Jona Razzaque 
Judicial remedies in the European Union  Professor Noelle Quenivet 
Law and politics of religious slaughter James Mendelsohn 
Neurodivergence in criminal justice  Dr Thomas Smith
Nuclear non-proliferation law  Professor James Green
Refugee Law  Dr Christel Querton 
Remand and bail Dr Thomas Smith
Sexual violence in armed conflict  Professor Noelle Quenivet 
Small island states  Dr Mary Young 
Space Law Professor James Green 
Transnational organized crime  Dr Mary Young 
Use of military force law Professor James Green 
War crimes  Professor Noelle Quenivet 

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