Sewing, embroidery and knit facilities

The School of Arts provides technical support and expertise to all students who wish to make garments, work with soft materials or create embellishment.

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The Sewing Rooms

The sewing rooms are situated at Bower Ashton campus. We have 2 large bright industrial work- rooms. The facilities provide a diverse range of expertise and support to all students who wish to sew or make using soft materials or fabrics.

A large range of industrial and domestic machinery covers a wide variety of stitching requirements from leather and accessories to constructing garments such as a T-shirt or a tailored jacket.

Our facilities includes:

  • 4 boilers with 8 steam irons
  • 30 straight stitch machines
  • 1 zig zag
  • 1 Fusing press
  • 4 Coverseams 
  • 1 chain stitch 
  • 2 fine fabrics
  • 1 binding
  • 1 edge finisher 
  • 1 blind hem  
  • 1 keyhole buttonhole 
  • 1 shirt buttonhole 
  • 1 cylinder arm 
  • 1 post machine
  • 2 leather 
  • 10 Overlockers
  • 10 domestic Bernina sewing machines
  • Eyelet, popper and stud button press

We run a small shop selling basic haberdashery such as calico, interfacing, zips and poppers.

The Digital Embroidery room

Digital Embroidery is situated next to the sewing rooms. It is equipped with the latest Wilcom industrial embroidery software, three excellent embroidery machines and a great choice of threads and backings.

Machinery includes

  • Two Brother PR650s, 6 colours at a time, maximum embroidery size 200 x 300mm
  • One industrial Tajima TEMX-C, 14 colours, maximum embroidery size 1160 x 340mm


The Knit Room

The knit studio provides technical support and expertise to students looking to make knitted garments, create knitted fabrics or sample for development.

There is an informal consultation system, which allows students to book in to speak with a technician individually or talk through a specific technique or element of their project.

The wide range of facilities includes a number of industrial hand flat and domestic flat bed machines, and industrial steam bed.

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