Fashion facilities

Fashion that's a cut above

Our stylish fashion studios and workshops are located at Bower Ashton on our City Campus and are home to all the industry-leading equipment you need. From 3D scanners to digital embroidery machines, you’ll have access to everything.

What's waiting for you?

The Sewing Suite

  • Two sewing rooms - where you can sew and make using soft materials and fabrics.
  • Industrial and domestic machinery - suitable for everything from leather and accessories to T-shirts and tailoring.

The Knit Room

  • Experiment with different machinery and techniques - produce innovative and inspiring knitted textiles.
  • Get proficient and push boundaries - using industrial hand flat and domestic flat bed machines.
  • Create knitted fabrics and samples.

Digital Embroidery Space

  • Access the three digital embroidery machines and wilcom software.

Fabrication Laser Space

  • Produce creative items - pattern cutting laser, for everything from making belt buckles through to 3D printing.
  • Industry-standard 3D scanners.
  • Resin printing machines.
  • Laser cutters.

Good to know: Facilities are just the start. Skill-sharing and guidance from incredibly skilled technical instructors will unlock your creativity and help you hone the technical skills to make ideas reality. 

Collaboration with other creatives

  • Print centre - try screen printing paper and textiles, digital printing, lithography, etching, typography, heat-transfer printing, dyes and dye technology, fabric manipulation and more.
  • Fabrication centre - the place to embrace traditional and contemporary making processes and intermingle them. Exciting equipment and processes to explore in your work including casting, metal fabrication and 3D printing. 
  • Drawing centre studio - supports traditional drawing, including life models and still life. The drawing area also enables and supports digital drawing, using virtual reality equipment and iPad.
  • Digital design studios - comprehensive Mac resources at Bower Ashton, City Campus at Arnolfini and City Campus at Spike Island where you can use Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and a range of specialist software.
  • Art shop - The art shop at Bower Ashton Campus stocks a wide range of high-quality artist materials and products at excellent value for money.
  • Central Loans Desk - where you can hire equipment from a well stocked loans desk.
  • Student Project Coordinators - this is a dedicated personal service to help you get the right technical help and support to create your work.