Inspire:Me Lecture Series with Momin Mohamed

Talk summary

Momin Mohamed

Momin Mohamed, activist, anti-FGM campaigner, award-winning individual and an aspiring lawyer joined us to talk about his journey to self-discovery and finding passion outside of a typical 'career'.

Momin discussed his role within Integrate UK, a youth-led charity that campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and other gender-based issues such as violence against women and girls, child sexual exploitation and grooming. In addition to gender equality, the charity aims to promote racial equality, through educating on topics such as Islamophobia, extremism and radicalisation and microaggressions.

Watch Momin's talk

Momin Mohamed, discusses his role as an outreach worker vocalising issues such as gender-equality, FGM, radicalisation and racism.

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