Susanna Dinnage

Susanna Dinnage, Global President of Animal Planet, delivered a lecture as part of the Bristol Distinguished Address Series entitled "The power of purpose-driven brands in a world of infinite choice".

The power of purpose-driven brands in a world of infinite choice

Susanna Dinnage at UWE Bristol

We’re living in a world of infinite choice - there is more content, of higher quality, distributed in more ways than there has ever been, making it a lot harder to keep the attention of your audience. So how does Discovery, the world’s biggest non-fiction entertainment company, survive in such a tumultuous environment?

Susanna explains a strong brand is the anchor to your company, it’s important to remain focused on your core purpose yet have the ability to adapt and evolve to stay relevant based on your consumer’s wants, needs, beliefs and values.

In this new, fast-paced world, brands need to be responsive, they need to evolve from being rational to emotive, be less remote and more experiential.

Susanna explained there are three basic principles to creating a strong brand. Firstly, and most importantly, be consumer driven, they have the choice, they are in control. How well do you know your consumer? Second, understand it’s important to let go of your brand, trust your brand in the hands of your consumers and let them share it and engage with it in new ways.

Finally, understand the role of technology, and its role in enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Susanna added that trust has a vital role in consumer choices; Discovery pride themselves for having enormous integrity, they understand that brand credentials matter to the consumers, they are searching for authenticity. You must build trust with your consumers and don’t lose it, because you won’t get it back.

Susanna summarised her talk with three key tips. Remain focused on what you do best, find ways to tell stories in new places and don’t fear the fact the worlds is changing, embrace it.

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