Anne Jessopp, Chief Executive, The Royal Mint - 3 November 2021

Anne delivered a lecture as part of the Bristol Distinguished Address Series titled 'Reinventing The Royal Mint'.

Reinventing The Royal Mint

The way people spend is changing, and so is The Royal Mint. Anne Jessopp, CEO of The Royal Mint, delivered a fascinating address where she spoke about how Britain's oldest company is forging an exciting future rooted in its heritage.

Listen to Anne’s talk below where she explores the history of the business and tells us how, over the last three years, the 1,100 year old business has successfully expanded into new markets and attracted new customers, all whilst retaining a focus on precious metals, design and craftsmanship. Anne finishes her talk revealing where the business is heading in the future.

Once famous for making UK coins, The Royal Mint is now on a journey to become famous as The Original Maker.

Event recording

Watch Anne's Distinguished Address, discussing The Royal Mint's reinvention and how it has been achieved. You can find a transcript of this interview on the Business West website.

Exclusive pre-address interview

Watch Anne Jessopp's pre-address interview below.

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