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BA Primary Education (ITE)

Interviews will take place online, on Microsoft Teams. The following information will help you prepare for the day.

Course talk

There will be a course talk with the Programme Leader, Karan Vickers-Hulse, and the opportunity for a Q&A prior to your interview. This will also be via Microsoft Teams and will be on the same day as your interview.

Small group interview

You will participate in a small group interview with other applicants who wish to work with primary age children (aged 5-11). You will be interviewed by university tutors. The aim of the interview is to assess your oral skills, personal and presentational qualities and how you respond to the group interview situation. We will also ask you to reflect on your work with children.

Interview task: micro-teach session 

You should prepare a brief teaching session where you will act as ‘the teacher’ and teach the rest of the applicants a skill or some knowledge eg a skills-based hobby or sport; languages; a song or music-based skill. There will be 4-8 other people in your group. These do not have to be subject based and we welcome innovative and creative ideas

The aim is to observe how well you interact with your peers and how you are able to demonstrate your objectives clearly and appropriately. This is designed as a fun and interactive session to allow you to demonstrate your skills and interest and engage with your peers and the interview panel. Please ensure that your session is able to be carried out effectively online.

A good micro-teach session will demonstrate the following: 

  • Thorough planning – a clear aim and objective 
  • Awareness of audience 
  • Appropriate for online platforms 
  • Adapting session as appropriate 
  • Adhering to timing 
  • Ability to engage audience and demonstrate enthusiasm 
  • Learners have gained a new skill or learnt something new at the end of the session 

The time allowed for the teaching episode will be a maximum of four minutes, at which point you will be asked to stop. You may support your micro-teach with notes, technology and/or a poster but please note that you will be presenting online so anything you use will need to be appropriate for this platform.

Additional tasks

Applicants will be asked to undertake two tests, in literacy and numeracy, to identify any support needs in these areas prior to entry. You will be asked to write a brief account surrounding the role of and challenges facing the Primary phase practitioner. You will need to complete this in your own time following the online interview.


Interview guidance


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