Gathered field application process

For some postgraduate courses, the University operates a staged admissions process known as a ‘gathered field’ approach, to make sure the admissions process is fair to applicants. ‘Gathered field’ means grouping applications together and is used when the candidate quality and the level of interest in the course exceeds the number of places available.

Applying process

Four application deadlines are set, with a cap on the number of offers that can be made during each deadline period. Whilst we aim to give you a decision on your application in the week following the deadline, in some instances, due to the competition for places and volume of applications received, it may be necessary to roll your application over to the next deadline date. You will be informed if this is the case. Some applications may be put on hold until the fourth and final deadline.

Deadlines for January 2023 entry

  • Gathered field 1: 1 August
  • Gathered field 2: 5 September
  • Gathered field 3: 10 October
  • Gathered field 4: 14 November

Please note: all places are subject to availability. If you apply at one of the later stages, some courses may already be reaching capacity or be closed to further applications. We therefore recommend that you apply early in the cycle to avoid disappointment.

Applications received after our final selection deadline will be considered at our discretion if places are still available.

Please ensure you submit all supporting documentation, such as personal statements, with your application before the application deadline to avoid a delay in processing your application. Applications will be rolled over to the next deadline in cases where documentation has not been received. Should documentation not be received after the subsequent deadline, the application will automatically be withdrawn.


In a 'gathered field' model deferral of an application or place is not possible. In other words, moving your application/offer to be considered for the next intake. This means that even if an applicant has received an offer but can no longer take up the place, a new application would need to be submitted for the next intake.

The University reserves the right to change entry criteria year to year, therefore if you are re-applying, it is important to be aware of any relevant changes.