UWE Bristol Undergraduate Internship Schemes 2023–2024

All available funding for the current academic year 2023/24 has now been allocated and the internship schemes are closed.

We hope to source new funding and reopen the schemes in October 2024. The information provided below is for information only, for organisations that have already employed an intern via a scheme.

About the schemes

Our internship schemes are open to all organisations and offer a 100% subsidy to employ one of our talented students. They can help boost your business with up-to-date industry knowledge and provide our students with fulfilling and essential work experience.

148 hour internship scheme

This scheme provides part-time work for students that can provide a steady wage during studies and be undertaken alongside other commitments. A longer-term internship is also useful for employers to develop a longer-term project.

The 148 hour internship (equivalent to 4 weeks full time) would suit project work where you have weekly meetings and check-ins with the student. Ideally, the work can be offered flexibly and remotely so students are able to complete work at the weekends and when it suits them. You can discuss the student’s timetable and other commitments and create a working agreement between you. The internship should contain elements of mentoring and training.

Information and eligibility


  • Open to all organisations.
  • The intern must not have worked for you in any capacity before.
  • For third-sector organisations, previous volunteers are eligible to participate.
  • Organisations are entitled to one intern per internship scheme.


The scheme is open to:

  • UK domiciled students on an undergraduate degree course
  • UK domiciled students who graduated in 2023
  • International students currently studying on a Bachelors, Masters or PhD course.   

Students completing UWE Bristol-accredited Foundation degrees in partner Further Education colleges are eligible providing there is evidence that they are continuing their studies with UWE Bristol in September 2024.

Nominated interns who have contacted you speculatively are eligible, provided they meet the above criteria.

The scheme is not available to:

  • UK domiciled students on a postgraduate course, including PhD students.
  • International graduates.

Payment and wages

  • Duration – 148 hours in total.
  • Hours – students may work up to 12 hours per week.
  • Intern wages – interns will be paid the Real Living Wage of £12 per hour totalling £1,776. You will pay the student via PAYE.
  • Subsidy – UWE Bristol will provide 100% of the funding (£1,776). This will be paid to you when the internship finishes. 
  • All internships should be finished by September 2024.
  • Funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis..
  • The salary provided has been informed by guidance from the Living Wage Foundation in respect to national living costs and appropriate pay.

Summer 2024 internships

Due to the fantastic success and high interest of the part time internship scheme, we will not be running a Summer internship scheme in 2024.

If you have any queries about this, please email us at uweinternships@uwe.ac.uk. Please check back in October for further updates. 

Recruitment and funding arrangements (all schemes)


  • The intern must be employed by the business and cannot be self employed.
  • If you are related to your intern, you must disclose it on the registration form.
  • The scheme is limited to one intern per organisation/associated company. If you have a further opportunity that you’d like to advertise, please email the UWE Bristol Internships Team directly at uweinternships@uwe.ac.uk.

Funding arrangements

  • The PO number to claim the subsidy will be sent to you towards the end of the internship, providing we have received all finance information in advance.
  • Use the PO number to invoice us for the subsidy. The payment terms are a minimum of 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • We will not process invoices until we have received all the documentation.
  • Failure to notify us of your internship starting, late return of your internship agreement, and/or late return of relevant financial documentation will delay the payment of your salary subsidy and may result in the subsidy not being allocated or paid for your intern.
  • If, for any reason, the internship ends prematurely, you must inform the UWE Bristol Internships team immediately. Your intern must be paid any outstanding wages, which includes payment for any accrued annual leave not taken.
  • The subsidy you can claim will be proportionate to the hours worked and any accrued annual leave. We expect you and your intern to come to a resolution in regards to ending the internship, however we are here to assist you if there are any grievances.

What steps do I need to take?

Step 1: Create and advertise your Internship

You can advertise your internship opportunity to students through CareerHub.

If you would like to submit a vacancy, please log in or register for CareerHub, then:

  1. Select the '+Add vacancy' option’ 
  2. Ensure that you include 'UWE Internship 2023–2024' in the job title
  3. Choose the 'UWE Internship Schemes' under the 'Vacancy type' before submitting the internship

Your vacancy will be advertised to UWE Bristol students, who will apply to you directly.

You can then complete your recruitment and selection process and offer the role to your selected intern according to your company’s standard recruitment procedures.

If you have already selected your intern, please add ‘Nominated Intern’ and the student’s name in the job title when uploading your opportunity. This will not be advertised to our students and is for our records only.

Key information

  • Advertising your vacancy on CareerHub does not guarantee that the vacancy will be filled.
  • Registration on CareerHub and advertising a position does not guarantee funding.

Step 2: Recruiting your intern

Before you interview your intern, we recommend that you email the UWE Bristol Internships Team at uweinternships@uwe.ac.uk with the student's name and student number to check their eligibility for the scheme and confirm that funding is still available.

You will need to interview and select your intern according to your company’s standard recruitment procedures.

Key information

UWE Bristol Internship scheme (148 hours)

  • All internships must be confirmed to UWE Bristol by Friday 31 May 2024.
  • All interns need to commence their employment on or before Monday 3 June 2024.
  • Funding is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis provided you meet the scheme requirements.
  • The scheme will close earlier if all funding is allocated.

Summer 2024 scheme

Information coming soon.

Step 3: Internship registration - confirm organisation and intern

Once you have chosen an intern, please complete the registration form (CareerHub login required).

We will check the eligibility of the intern and organisation. If all criteria is met, we will email to confirm your funding has been allocated and next steps.

To receive the subsidy, you must be set up as a UWE Bristol supplier. If you are not registered as a UWE Bristol supplier, we will send you the new supplier form to complete and return.

Step 4: Complete and return the provided UWE Bristol internship agreement

After eligibility is confirmed, we will email you an internship agreement.

Each agreement must be completed and electronically signed by you, your intern and UWE Bristol before the intern starts their internship.

The internship agreement is not a contract of employment. However it may be used as a basis for your contract of employment.

We recommend you issue a separate contract of employment to your intern, which incorporates any organisational terms that may not be included in our internship agreement.

Step 5: Submit your invoice

Towards the end of the internship, we will send you a purchase order number, which you can Include on your invoice to us. If any required documentation (the internship agreement and any requested financial information) has not been returned to us, we cannot pay the subsidy.

Step 6: Complete your feedback form

We will send you a feedback form part way through the internship. We’d love to hear from you about the successes of the internship and any comments on areas to develop. We may also contact you to request a case study.

Frequently asked questions

What ongoing support can the University offer?

We have a dedicated Internships Team who will:

  • provide a seamless and easy process to set up your internship
  • provide help and support for you and your intern for the duration of the internship
  • be available to answer questions and queries before, during and after the internship via email.

We are always available to offer support to our students but we have found that mentors within the organisation can be extremely valuable to the intern.

Does the intern accrue paid holiday during the internship?

Yes, the intern will accumulate paid holiday at a pro rata equivalent 16.25 hours per 148 hour internship, inclusive of bank holidays.

For a part-time internship of 148 hours:

  • 131.75 hours paid working hours
  • 16.25 hours paid absence for holiday or bank holidays.

The number of days of paid holiday entitlement will be reduced if the internship terminates early.

Contact our Internships Team

If you have any further questions, please email uweinternships@uwe.ac.uk.

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