Transforming Futures Learning and Teaching Strategy

Shaping our long-term direction to help our students realise their full potential.

UWE Bristol has launched its ambitious new 2030 strategy. The Transforming Futures Learning and Teaching Strategy sets out in more detail the commitments we have made and the actions we will drive forward. 

Our Learning and Teaching Strategy positions us as the leading University for outstanding practice-led and problem-based education, fostering the development of ready and able graduates who are ambitious, collaborative, innovative, inclusive and enterprising.

Learning and teaching strategy (PDF)

Our commitments

The strategy sets out our commitment to:

  • personalised experiences for all learners
  • practice-led, research informed learning and teaching
  • digitally enabled, problem-based education
  • championing teaching excellence.

Our principles

Our strategy is informed by the following learning and teaching principles:

  • To be inspirational, well connected and passionate colleagues and students.
  • To provide innovative learning strategies and environments.
  • To support relevant, authentic and engaging assessment strategies for learning.
  • To foster inclusive learning communities that engender a sense of belonging.
  • To provide experiences of practice-based learning within and outside of the University.
  • To ensure all our programmes are practice-led and research informed.

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