Staff within the Department of Nursing and Midwifery represent a wide range of expertise. More information about their research interests and expertise can be found on individual profiles.

Staff by area

Department executives

  • Helen Cox, Departmental Academic Director
  • Carole Irwin, Associate Head of Department - Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Rachel Hadland, Associate Head of Department - Placement Experience
  • Maxine Pryce-Miller, Associate Head of Department - UG Learning and Teaching (Nursing)
  • Rakhee Rankin, Associate Head of Department - continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Teresa Shalofsky, Associate Head of Department - UG Learning and Teaching (Midwifery)
  • Rachel Sales, Associate Head of Department - Skills and Simulation

Adult Nursing

Child Nursing

Mental Health and Learning Disability




  • Lauren Davis, Healthcare Training Resources Manager
  • Martin Britton, Technical Officer
  • Lisa Merrett, Senior Technical Instructor
  • Gemma Witchard, Senior Technical Instructor
  • Mark Wood, Senior Technical Instructor
  • David Watkins, Senior Technician
  • Ian Parsons, Senior Technician
  • Fergus Mercer, Senior Technician
  • Karen Monaghan, Senior Technician
  • Mike Monaghan, Senior Technician
  • Jane Wathen, Senior Technician
  • Amy Wolfenden, Senior Technician
  • Neil Wakeman, Technician
  • Michelle Phillips, Technician
  • Naoko Saito, Technician
  • Liz Szczelkun Technical Officer
  • Emma Griffin Technical Support Officer