Staff within the Department represent a wide range of expertise. More information about their research interests and expertise can be found on individual profiles.

Staff by area

Department executives

Dr Alex Palombi, Acting Head of Department

Occupational Therapy


Paramedic Science

Physician Associate Studies

Physiotherapy and Sport Rehabilitation


Research Staff


  • Marcus Olivant, Technical Manager
  • Lauren Davis, Healthcare Training Resources Manager
  • Martin Britton, Technical Officer
  • Lisa Merrett, Senior Technical Instructor
  • Gemma Witchard, Senior Technical Instructor
  • Mark Wood, Senior Technical Instructor (Paramedic/AHP)
  • David Watkins, Senior Technician
  • Ian Parsons, Senior Technician
  • Fergus Mercer, Healthcare Technician
  • Karen Monaghan, Healthcare Technician
  • Mike Monaghan, Healthcare Technician
  • Jane Wathen, Senior Technician
  • Amy Wolfenden, Healthcare Technician (Optometry)
  • Neil Wakeman, Technician
  • Michelle Philips, Technician
  • Naoko Saito, Technician
  • Liz  Szczelkun, Technical Officer
  • Emma Griffin, Technical Support Officer