As we continue to navigate the pandemic, there might be times when we’re asked to self-isolate either because we or someone we live with has symptoms, or to prevent a local or national rise in coronavirus cases. For information on what to do if you have to self-isolate visit our self-isolation guidance page.

We know this won’t always be easy, but we’ve pulled together the range of activities and resources available across the University, to keep you connected to University life in all its forms.

These are challenging times, so if you’re finding things tough, please reach out – support is available 24/7.

Covid Support Team

We have a team ready to help you manage your self-isolation.

What you need to do

If you develop coronavirus symptoms you must tell the University, stay inside and ring the Covid Support Team on tel: +44(0)117 32 87000. The phone number is open from 09:00 to 19:00 every day. If you develop symptoms overnight, self-isolate immediately and ring us in the morning or report symptoms online. If you report your symptoms online a member of the team will call you back.

Report symptoms online using Infohub (login required)

If you are instructed to take a test, you must tell the University the result, even if it is negativeThe actions each of you take will be the biggest factor in reducing the transmission of coronavirus – helping us get back to normal quicker. It’s vital that you tell us if you have any symptoms – you won’t be penalised. We’re here to support you.

What we’ll do

We’ll take some details, explain how to book a free test with the NHS (if you haven’t already) and what your next steps are. We’ll also check back in with you throughout your self-isolation to make sure you’re OK and see if there’s anything you need from us. For information visit our self-isolation guidance page.

External resources

  • Access themed advice for a range of mental health scenarios alongside specific wellbeing advice for this period of time.
    Off the Record
  • If you or a loved one feels unsafe, at risk or unable to cope without professional advice, make use of a new mental health response line.
    AWP 24/7 phone line
  • Take a look at NHS One You for advice on how to keep on top of your mental wellbeing and access coping techniques during this time.
    NHS One You
  • Our 24/7 crisis textline have teamed up with Heads Together to create a new, innovative radio content series called 60 Second Support.
    Heads Together
  • Access guidance and resources on how to cope with the current pandemic, including specific support for key workers.
    Student minds
  • A helpful guide giving you advice and exercises to help manage worry and anxiety during the pandemic.
    Guide to living with worry and anxiety