UK Data Service

This service provides access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, spanning many disciplines and themes. Included are a wide range of quantitative, qualitative, multi-media and non-digital data, and census data from 1971 to 2011. The majority of the data is fully anonymised.

The service also offers advice on managing research data.

Conditions of use

When registering to use UK Data Services, users are required to agree an individual end-user licence. Should you wish to do this, you will enter into a direct agreement with the organisation as an individual, and as such will be outside of the scope of UWE’s Data Processing Agreement. This relationship is not covered by the Student Declaration you have signed. There are also further end-user licence agreements for other sections of the database, such as licenses for the different census years available on the UK Data Service. 

In particular, please be aware of the following conditions:

  • Use of the data is only permitted for the purposes of not-for-profit research or teaching or personal educational development.
  • The original data creators, depositors or copyright holders must be acknowledged in any publication (printed, electronic or broadcast) based wholly or in part on the data collections.*
  • The data collections must be cited in any publication (printed, electronic or broadcast) based wholly or in part on the data collections.*

For more detail, see the terms and conditions of access for the UK Data Service; please also refer back to the special conditions for each of the individual datasets.

* Acknowledgements and citations should be in the form specified in the using data note.

Access the database

  • Database is not included in the main library search
  • Students and staff at UK partner institutionsinternational partner institutions and UWE-BIC cannot use their UWE Bristol login to access this database
  • Databases provided by UWE Bristol are for educational use only and should not be used for commercial corporate purposes or by unlicensed users
  • Users are required to register for permission to download and use datasets from UK Data Service

Access the UK Data Service

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