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Times Higher Education (THE) is a leading source of sector intelligence, news and analysis for global higher education and studying in the UK and abroad. Content is provided by journalists, with commentary from experts, researchers, alumni and vice-chancellors. THE aims to be central to global higher education and it is targeted at students, academics and leaders within the education community and beyond.

Our UWE Bristol subscription provides full access to all content on the THE website. This includes digital editions of Times Higher Education, news, opinion, features, research, jobs, events and university rankings.

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To register for a THE individual account:

  • Go to THE and click the red person icon on the top right-hand side of the screen. Select 'Register'.
  • Enter your UWE email address. Please note, you will not be able to access the UWE subscription unless you register with a UWE email address.
  • Enter a username and password. Select 'Register'.
  • Enter your name and whether you are a student or a higher education professional. Select 'Continue'.
  • Select continue on the next screen as the information requested is not essential.
  • Choose any newsletters you wish to receive by email. Select 'Continue'.
  • Select 'Done'.

You will receive a 'Thank you for signing up!' email. You do not need to click on the links in this email to activate your subscription.

Watch a short video explaining this process.

If you have any problems with your registration please contact membership@timeshighereducation.com

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