EGi News/Radius Data Exchange

Full text of the Estates Gazette archive from January 1986, as well as property news from March 1996.  Also includes data on available commercial properties, property deals, transactions and ratings, market analysis by geographical location, company information and jobs provided by Radius Data Exchange.

Access the database

  • Database is not included in the main library search
  • Anyone with a UWE Bristol login can access this database


The first time you use EGi News/Radius Data Exchange you'll need to register:

  • Click on the following link: Register with EGi News/Radius Data Exchange
  • Follow the on screen instructions to register, and make sure you use your UWE Bristol email address.
  • Don't use your UWE Bristol password when registering - make up a strong and completely unique one instead and save it somewhere safe.

Registered UWE Bristol users are deleted from EGi News/Radius Data Exchange's system after 3 years of membership. After this time you will have to re-register, if you remain eligible.

Once you have registered, please use the link below to access EGi News/Radius Data Exchange.

Access the EGi News/Radius Data Exchange database


Estates Gazette from 1986, news from 1996.


Radius Data Exchange