Cision is a public relations (PR) platform used by subscribers to enhance media outreach through improved marketing, engagement, and social media monitoring. Cision can help PR professionals and students discover relevant news, trends, and conversations that impact a brand, across all media channels in real time. The platform can also help connect the right journalists and influencers to the story they will be most effective at promoting.

Access the database

To register for the Cision database:

  • Email from your UWE email address requesting access to the UWE Cision subscription. Please note that you must use your UWE email address for Cision to give access
  • The Cision Support Team will set-up your account and email your login details back to your UWE email address
  • Up to three users are allowed to log into the UWE Cision subscription at any one time. Access may not be possible if the maximum number of concurrent users has been reached

Access the Cision database

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