Berg Fashion Library

UWE Bristol users have access to two resources from the Bloomsbury Fashion Central Collection.

Berg Fashion Library

The Berg Fashion Library is part of the Bloomsbury Fashion Central Collection. It is an invaluable resource for students and researchers in the areas of fashion, museum studies, cultural studies and anthropology. The Berg Fashion Library gives access to reference works, such as the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, to over 150 e-books, and to more than 17,000 colour images via an image partnership with, for example, the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Bloomsbury Fashion Cities

Bloomsbury Fashion Cities provides free access to a selection of book chapters, expert articles, catwalk images, and videos, from the Bloomsbury Fashion Central Collection. The resource explores the fashion capitals of London, New York, Paris and Milan. It also covers the emerging fashion centres in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Dakar and Shanghai.

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