Forensic Science


Discover how science is used to unravel the mysteries of a crime scene. You'll learn how to find, interpret and present evidence in a variety of realistic scenarios, including a mock courtroom and specially-designed crime scenes. Set yourself up for a fascinating career in the justice system and beyond.

Please note that some of our postgraduate course start dates have moved to January 2021. You can see a full list of January 2021 start dates on our website.

Forensic Science courses

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MSc Forensic Science

The live talk and Q&A for this course has now passed.

The live talk and Q&A for this course has now passed.

Use scientific problem-solving to benefit society. Designed with input from experienced professionals, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of the scientific methods used in criminal investigations, and the skills to develop a career in the justice system and beyond.

This conversion course means you do not have to currently hold an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science to apply for this. It provides you with the required knowledge and skills to enter into a career in forensic science.

During this one-year Master's course, you'll receive high-level training in analytical science, incorporating elements of biology, chemistry and law. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of not only the scientific issues that affect the outcome of criminal trials, but also societal factors such as unconscious bias and juror expectation.

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