Computer Science and Creative Technologies


Study one of our computing or creative technologies courses and develop the wide-ranging skills and experience you’ll need to inspire a successful career. You’ll get the chance to explore a variety of subject areas all with one thing in common – the development and use of software to support business, entertainment and social enterprise.

"The student cohort was as varied as the course content, bringing together professionals from a range of fields and sectors. This allowed for great networking opportunities. The knowledge, skills and multidisciplinary insight I gained informed decisions about my future career focus."

Daniel, MSc Information Management

Computer Science and Creative Technologies courses

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MSc Artificial Intelligence

Study our real-world focused MSc Artificial Intelligence course and gain all the skills and experience you need to start your career in this intellectually-stimulating and fast-growing profession.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live, work and learn. From manufacturing robots to self-driving cars, and smart assistants to systems that discover and make use of patterns in data for social or business good, AI has become part of our everyday lives.

If you're looking for an intellectually-challenging career where you can put your problem-solving skills to use to help companies, organisations and society as a whole to do things better, then a career in AI could be perfect for you.

There's a huge global shortage of AI experts and this predicted to increase, so AI professionals can expect to be very much sought after, able to command high salaries and choose between the many job prospects open to them.


MSc Information Technology

Designed to help you become a qualified information technologist with highly sought-after skills and knowledge that apply to a wide range of private and public sector organisations' needs.

The MSc Information Technology prepares you for the intellectual, analytical and practical challenges of a career in IT. You will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to collate information, define, design and build or select the most appropriate IT solutions and develop a deeper understanding of how those solutions apply to professional contexts.

MSc Cyber Security

This course seeks to address the global cyber skills gap, providing you with the advanced knowledge and understanding of cyber security issues you need to succeed in this industry.

Technology is transforming society in all sorts of ways. From the way that assembly lines are controlled to the way we socialise, we depend on computer systems. Increasingly, that dependency means that we are vulnerable to cyber attacks which, if successful, could undermine our national institutions and critical infrastructures, steal our personal data or gain access to private exchanges.

MSc Commercial Games Development

A unique opportunity to gain advanced technical and research skills by working on live commercial projects within the PlayWest studio.

This Master's in Commercial Games Development provides students with an intellectual experience of study in the field of games technology. Developed and delivered by staff with both technical and games industry expertise, it is designed to meet the increasing shortage of technically adept games developers and programmers. The course also offers a unique pathway into the games industry and wider related research.

MSc Data Science

Work with us full or part time on our industry-focused Data Science Master's, developing the skills you need to design and implement data science projects.

Why study data science? Bringing together skills in data management, analytics and artificial intelligence, data scientists work with organisations to draw competitive or efficiency-related insights from their data.

MSc Financial Technology (FinTech)

A course that equips you to address the pervasive impact of disruptive financial technologies. You'll gain a distinctive, globally marketable set of skills. This programme is jointly run by Bristol Business School and The Department for Computer Science and Creative Technologies.

Working with our experts in data science, computer science, finance, regulation, enterprise and business, you'll develop excellent technical data and systems understanding, as well as sound business knowledge of the industries where the technologies have maximum impact and application. At UWE Bristol we have world-class expertise in AI and business analytics that have fed into the development of this course.

MSc Information Management

The MSc Information Management is vocational and practice-oriented, designed to support information and knowledge managers. The course provides an excellent balance of traditional information management and library science, informed by cutting edge developments in information architecture and data management. It's an important route for anyone seeking professional chartership or progress to management roles.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Got big ambitions but not a lot of time? Our CPD courses give you the skills and knowledge you crave in the most flexible way possible. Pay for courses yourself or consider asking your employer for financial support. You'll broaden your horizons – and prospects – with options from strategic leadership to Big Data and the Professional Development Award (PDA), a Master’s-equivalent degree you build around work.

Develop your understanding of the importance of information technology and data for business, through our wide range of CPD courses. From modules in big data and cloud computing to social media and web science, there’s a lot on offer.  

Find out more about our CPD courses.