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Current module enrolments are listed at the top and previous module enrolments (if you have any) are listed below.

  • All unconfirmed marks are subject to approval by the relevant Field and Award Boards. It is possible that they may be amended up or down.
  • All confirmed marks have been through a moderation process and have been confirmed by the relevant Field and/or Award Boards.

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Unconfirmed marks

If you have any unconfirmed marks available for your current module enrolments, these will be shown in the 'Unconfirmed' tab. These have been released in accordance with Academic Regulation H1.2.

A mark of 'N/A' means that no mark has been entered by your School for this piece of work.

For any past module enrolments (shown with a status of ‘COMP’), details of the overall module mark and all individual marks will be shown as long as the marks have been confirmed and published. Sometimes, marks are unpublished to enable us to address queries; if this is the case for you it will appear that your marks have become unconfirmed when they were previously published.


The marks shown for coursework are for work that should already have been returned to you so that you can check that the correct mark has been recorded.


The marks shown for exams are in accordance with Academic Regulation H1.2 and will not be confirmed until they have been considered by an examining board.

Change to academic regulations (1RALL, 2RALL, 3RALL)

UWE Bristol academic regulations changed 1 August 2023. This may affect your resits if you fail an assessment.

If you started the module before 1 August 2023, you will need to resit all assessment tasks for that module.

If you started the module after 1 August 2023, you need to redo assessment tasks if:

  • you received less than 40% (undergraduate students)
  • you received less than 50% (postgraduate students)
  • you have failed a pass/fail task.

Help with My marks

See our Assessments web page for more information on assessments at UWE Bristol.

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