Staff guidance

Access to MYUWE

Staff cannot access new MYUWE but can still go to the old version using the staff link.

Staff MYUWE access

Staff timetable

Missing or incorrect timetable

If you're in the SyllabusPlus database but you don't see a timetable in MYUWE, or the timetable is incorrect, contact Central Timetabling

Timetable layout

There are two possible layouts for your timetable, either 'Grid', which is the default, or 'List'. Both layouts will show the day, the start and end time, the activity, the module, the type of activity and the room details. The 'List' view will also display the names of staff attached to the activity. To see your timetable, set the 'Week(s)', 'Day(s)' and 'Start/End Time' options and then select the 'Change View' button.


For information on the iCalendar feed for timetables, see our iCalendar guidance.


If staff also have an attachment to the module run in ISIS as an 'Announcer', they will have the ability to publish an announcement to groups of students from the Photosets page or by accessing the announcements web tool directly. Using this function posts an announcement to the MYUWE Announcements area (it does not send an email).


All students who have a personal tutor will have Academic Personal Tutor (APT) activities scheduled in their timetable. Without a scheduled activity in the timetable, personal tutors will not see the Tutees tab.

If you are a personal tutor but cannot see the Tutees tab or if you believe the list of students is not accurate please contact the Central Timetabling team to amend the timetable data.

The groups of students who we expect to have the tab are:

  • Year 0, year 1, year 2 and year 3 students based at:
    • Frenchay
    • Glenside

All other students should seek advice from the Information Points.

For more information, see the Student personal tutor guidance.

Staff frequently asked questions

Who do I contact if there are missing or incorrect students in a group?

If students are incorrect or missing from a SyllabusPlus activity group, contact Central Examinations, Timetabling and Technical Services by telephone on +44 (0)117 32 82246 or email

If students are incorrect or missing from an ISIS-driven group (for example, Primary Award or Module Run), contact your Student and Programme Support team.

Why can't I log into MYUWE?

Staff cannot access the new MYUWE platform. To visit old MYUWE, use the old MYUWE link.

Why do some students not have a photograph?

Where no current photograph is held for a student, a placeholder image will be displayed.

Why can't I see the Photosets tab?

The ability to view student photosets in MYUWE is available only to members of staff who have been granted access, either by being attached to a teaching activity in SyllabusPlus or by being attached as a viewer in ISIS.

Why can't I see all my student groups in the 'Your Groups' list?

If you are attached to a teaching activity in SyllabusPlus you should have access to view the photoset for that activity, as long as the activity is associated with a Module Run in ISIS. Contact Central Examinations, Timetabling and Technical Services via with any queries on SyllabusPlus activities.

If you have been attached to a specific group in ISIS as a Viewer, you will have access to view the photoset for that group. For queries, contact the relevant Student and Programme Support team.

Student and Programme Support teams

College of Arts, Technology and Environment

School of Architecture and Environment


School of Arts


School of Computing and Creative Technologies


School of Engineering


College of Business and Law

Bristol Business School


Bristol Law School


College of Health Science and Society

School of Applied Sciences


School of Education and Childhood


School of Health and Social Wellbeing


School of Social Sciences


Graduate School

Research degree students