NEWS items from 2003-2004

Textile by Christine Risley   AHRB report on 'Narrative Thread' project to interview textile artists, (September 2004).
Claire Curneen   Claire Curneen and Neil Brownsword, ceramic artists, interviewed on 9th August 2004, (August 2004).
Elizabeth Turrell   Elizabeth Turrell, enamel artist, interviewed on 28th July 2004, (July 2004).
'Thrown' exhibition brochure   Canadian exhibition features NEVAC recording, (April 2004).
Alan White - master figurine mould maker   Wedgwood Factory - factory craftsmen and women talking about and demonstrating their skills, (March 2004).
Polly Binns, textile artist   Polly Binns, textile artist, interviewed on 27th February 2004, (March 2004).
Amal Ghosh   Amal Ghosh, enamel artist, interviewed on 11th February 2004, (March 2004).
Rozanne Hawksley   Rozanne Hawksley, textile artist, interviewed on 5th February 2004, (February 2004).
Margaret Hall-Townley   Margaret Hall-Townley, textile artist and archivist, interviewed on 2nd February 2004, (February 2004).
Len Buck   Len Buck, typographer, passed away on New Year's Day 2004, (January 2004).
Mick Casson   Michael Casson, potter, passed away on 12th December 2003, (January 2004).
Alison Liley    Alison Liley, textile artist, interviewed in Ireland, (September 2003).
Christine Risley   Christine Risley, textile artist, dies in London, (August 2003).
Michael Rowe  

Michael Rowe, artist in metal, interviewed for the Crafts Council, (June 2003).

Textile by Christine Risley   NEVAC awarded £4995 by the AHRB to interview textile artists, (May 2003).
Carol McNicoll   Carol McNicoll interviewed for the Craft Council's 'Show5' project, (May 2003).
  Ann Sutton interviewed for the Craft Council's 'Show5' project, (May 2003).
Matthew Partington  

NCECA 2003, San Diego - Matthew Partington at NCECA, (March 2003).

Richard Slee   Richard Slee interviewed for the Craft Council's 'Show5' project, (April 2003).

V&A Seminar, University of Westminster Ceramics, (February 2003).

Jim Partridge   Jim Partridge interviewed for 'Show5', (February 2003).
Alan Caiger-Smith   Alan Caiger-Smith interview, (January 2003).