Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 31st March 2004.

Wedgwood Factory, Barlaston, Staffordshire

Two days of filming have so far taken place at Wedgwood's Factory near Stoke-on-Trent, (4th February and 10th March 2004). The project is being managed by NEVAC's lighting cameraman, Bob Prince in conjunction with ceramic artist Neil Brownsword. The aim of the project is to document some of the hand-making skills still being used in the ceramics industry.

The images below give details of the nine makers who have been interviewed so far.

Alan White

Alan White is a master figurine mould maker. Alan's job is to take a figurine which has been made by a modeler and produce a mould from it so that the figurine can go in to production. The image on the right shows Alan preparing the figurine's arm.

Detail of figurine being prepared for mould making

Michael Lockett

Michael Lockett is a master mould maker. He demonstrates how the master mould is made. The image on the right shows Michael modeling the base of the clay model in preparation for a mould to be made of it.

Michael Lockett preparing the base of a figurine.

Malcolm Challinor

Malcolm Challinor is a master mould maker. The image on the right shows Malcolm placing clay natches on the clay master mould. The natches keep each side of the mould in place.

Malcolm Challinor preparing the mould of a figurine's arm

Lewis Howard

Lewis Howard is a picture mould maker. He is shown on the right cutting the edges of the clay mould. Once fired the moulds are used to produce clay sprigs which are attached to Wedgwood wares.

Lewis Howard cutting the picture mould

Suzanne Thompson

Suzanne Thompson is a prestige figure maker. The image on the right shows Suzanne checking the figures which she has produced from moulds similar to the one shown above, being made by Lewis Howard.

Suzanne finishing off a figure

Kevin Dodd

Kevin Dodd is an ornamenter. He is shown on the right applying a figure of the sort made by Suzanne Thompson, (see above). The type of ware he is working on is known as Jasper ware.

Kevin applying a clay figure to a Jasper ware vase

Neil Burton

Neil Burton is a prestige Jasper turner. Jasper is the name of a famous type of ceramic ware made by Wedgwood. On the right Neil is shown turning a clay vase on the lathe.

Neil Burton turning the clay vase on a lathe

Mick Virgo

Michael Virgo is an engine turner. The image on the right shows him spraying the vase with the first of twelve layers of coloured clay. This clay is then cut through on the engine turning machine.

Michael Virgo spraying coloured clay on to a vase

Dale Bowen

Dale Bowen is a pate-sur-pate decorator. Pate-sur-pate is a decorating technique whereby layers of wet clay are built up on the surface of a pot to create a raised pattern or picture. Pate-sur-pate literally means 'paste on paste'.

Dale Bowen decorating a vase using the pate-sur-pate technique