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Hyeyoung Cho and Matthew Partington   Lecture at International Ceramics Biennale, South Korea (October 2013).
Oral History in the Visual Arts   Oral History in the Visual Arts book published, (February 2013).
V&A   Oral History Society Annual Conference at the V&A (August 2010).
Rosa Nguyen   Shape of Things interviews, Bristol (April 2010).
Gordon Baldwin   Gordon Baldwin, ceramic artist, interviewed in Shropshire, (March 2009).
Eric James Mellon   Eric James Mellon, ceramic artist, interviewed in West Sussex, (June 2008).
Ken Stradling   Ken Stradling, collector, interviewed in Bristol, (April 2008).
Stephen Jones   Stephen Jones, milliner, interviewed at V&A, (November 2007).
Peter Collingwood   Peter Collingwood, weaver, interviewed in Suffolk, (November 2007).
digital video cassette   Copying the archive, (June 2007).
Marantz audio recording equipment   Solid-state audio recording equipment purchased, (May 2007).
Matthew Partington   External examiner appointment at University College Falmouth, (April 2007).

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