Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 31st May 2007.


Making a tape copy of the video archive

Since January 2007 Bob Prince and Matthew Partington have been working through the video tapes in the archive to make digital video-cassette copies. At present the early tapes in the archive are on formats ranging from U-matic, Beta-SP and mini-DV whilst more recent recordings were made on the DVC-PRO format. A decision was made to have a complete copy set in the DVC-PRO format which was better quality than mini-DV but not so expensive as Beta-SP.

In making a tape copy it means the originals do not have to be played back and the chances of damaging them is therefore reduced. In keeping the originals in a separate building from the copies the archive is further protected from potential loss or damage. Digital copies on CD-ROM and DVD are also kept but this tape copy has been made to ensure a digitally uncompressed copy of the archive also exists. Whilst future proofing is an ever changing landscape it is hoped that this project will protect the original tapes for some years to come.

The project was funded by the University and from NEVAC funds generated by producing videos for museum clients.