Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 20th November 2007.


Peter Collingwood sitting at a loom
Shot showing interviewer Linda Sandino, crew Bob Prince and Ben Atkins and Peter Collingwood

Interview with weaver Peter Collingwood, (23rd-24th November 2007).

Weaver Peter Collingwood was interviewed at his studio in Suffolk in a project organised in conjunction with Linda Sandino, a Senior Research Fellow from Camberwell College of the Arts, London.

Linda had previously conducted an audio interview with Peter as part of her work as an oral history interviewer for the National Life Story Collection at the The British Library National Sound Archive. This video recorded interview is intended to make the best possible use of the visual element of video. As a result the interview concentrates on Peter's collection of ethnographic textiles and of course his own work, particularly the macro-gauze pieces which made his name in the 1960s.

Interviewer: Linda Sandino.
Director: Matthew Partington.
Lighting cameraman: Bob Prince.
Soundman: Ben Atkins.

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