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Eric James mellon
A selection of pots by Eric Mellon

Interview with ceramic artist Eric James Mellon

The work of Eric Mellon has been described as uniting 'an understanding of ash glazes with an artistic ability to draw figures on clay'. Indeed he has spent several decades conducting in-depth research in to the use of ash glazes with a particular interest in plant and tree ash. Eric was interviewed at his home in West Sussex on 20th May. The filming covered Eric's period at the Central School of Art and Design in the 1940s, helping to establish the Hillesden Community in Buckinghamshire in 1952, his move to West Sussex in 1957 and his work and teaching responsibilities up to the present day.

The filming was part funded by the University of Chichester and was organised with the invaluable assistance of Paul Foster (Professor Emeritus), Editor of the Otter Memorial Papers.

Relevant publications:

'Decorating stoneware - ash glazes and the art of the brush', by Eric James Mellon and Paul Foster, published by the University of Chichester, 2007 (ISBN 978-0-948765-07-0).

'Eric James Mellon - ceramic artist', (edited by Paul Foster), published by the University of Chichester, 2000, (ISBN 0-948765-88-7).

Interviewer: Matthew Partington.
Lighting cameraman: Bob Prince.