Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 10th February 2004.


Rozanne Hawksley

Rozanne Hawksley , textile artist

Rozanne Hawksley was interviewed by Margaret Hall-Townley at her home in Pembrokeshire on 5th February 2004. Rozanne is a textile artist renowned for her great drawing skills and her beautifully crafted and dark imagery of her textile pieces.

Born in Portsmouth in 1931, Rozanne was a wartime evacuee (see image bottom left). She attended art school as a fashion student and went on to write and illustrate her own column, 'Man About Town', for a London Magazine in the late 1950's. Following a period in America teaching textiles Rozanne returned to England and began to teach and make textiles in her own right. She studied and later taught textiles at Goldsmith's College, London.

The interview was part of a series funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB). Previous interviewees in the project have been Audrey Walker, Eirian Short, Alison Liley, Christin Risley, Caroline Broadhead and Margaret Hall-Townley. The final interview will take place towards the end of February 2004 with Professor Polly Binns. The aim of the project has been to conduct a series of interviews with textile artists who have eityher studied or taught at Goldsmith's College.

Glove Wreath by Rozanne Hawksley
Madonna of the Seven Sorrows by Rozanne Hawksley
Self-Portrait as an Evacuee by Rozanne Hawksley