Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 23rd August 2004.


Claire Curneen discussing William Newland's 'Bull', 1954
Neil Brownsword

Claire Curneen and Neil Brownsword, ceramic artists

Claire Curneen and Neil Brownsword were interviewed at the V&A Museum on 9th August 2004. The interviewer was Matthew Partington, Director of NEVAC. The interviews were the last in a series funded by University of the West of England's Bristol School of Art Media and Design's Research Committee. The other interviews in the series were with Oliver Watson, Emmanuel Cooper, Tanya Harrod and Alison Britton.

The aim of the project has been to interview a range of poeple associated with the British ceramics scene talking about ten pots from the twentieth century ceramics collection at the V&A. The pots range from a teacup and saucer made by Bernard Leach in 1920 to a large vase made by Alison Britton in 1987. Towards the end of 2004 the V&A's website will host a virtual exhibition of these pots with video clips and transcripts of the six interviews. The purpose is to highlight a range of responses to the same objects and to show how the same objects can illicit very different feelings in the interviewees.

The pots discussed were as follows (the numbers in brackets are the V&A Museum accession numbers):

1. Bernard Leach earthenware slip decorated cup and saucer, c.1920-24, (C.84 & a-1972)

2. A large vase called 'Madonna', by William Staite-Murray, c.1930, (C.60-1976)

3. Lucie Rie teapot and jug, made in Vienna, c.1936, (C.34-1982)

4. Large slipware cider jar by Michael Cardew, made at Winchcombe, c.1938, (Circ.319-1938)

5. William Newland, 'Bull', 1954, (Circ.57-1954)

6. Hans Coper pot, 1975, (C.398-1976)

7. Elizabeth Fritsch, 'Optical Pot', 1980, (C.13-1981)

8. Richard Slee, 'Cornucopia', 1983, (C.253-1983)

9. Gillian Lowndes, 'Cup on base', 1986, (C.39-1987)

10. Alison Britton, 'Big White Jug', 1987, (C.233-1987)