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Margaret Hall-Townley

Margaret Hall-Townley, textile artist and archivist

Margaret Hall-Townley was interviewed at her home in Northamptonshire on 2nd February 2004. Margaret is a textile artist in her own right as well as being Curator of the Constance Howard Research and Resource Centre in Textiles at Goldsmiths College, London.

Margaret took an art foundation course in Bristol in the mid sixties before taking a diploma in art and design at Goldsmiths College. Under the direction of Constance Howard the course concentrated on embroidery. Following an art teachers course back in Bristol Margaret began to teach at Goldsmiths. Margaret was instrumental in managing and curating Goldsmiths textile collection from the early 1980's until the creation of the Constance Howard Research and Resource Centre in Textiles in the late 1990's. Margaret is now Curator of the Centre which is based in Goldsmith's Town Hall Building in New Cross, London.

The interview was part of a series funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB). Previous interviewees in the project have been Audrey Walker, Eirian Short, Alison Liley, Christin Risley and Caroline Broadhead. The two interviews still to take place are with Rozanne Hawksley and Polly Binns.

Altar cover by Margaret Hall-Townley
Detail of altar cover by Margaret Hall-Townley
'Goldfishers', embroidery by Margaret Hall-Townley