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Alison Liley

Detail of hanging by ALison Liley

Detail of hanging by Alison Liley

View of the Shannon estuary from Alison's garden

Alison Liley - Textile Artist

Alison Liley, founder member of the 62 Group of textile artists was interviewed at her home in Kildysart, County Clare on 26th September 2003. The interview, conducted by Margaret Hall-Townley, was part of the AHRB funded project to interview textile artists, (see below).

Alison Liley, born on 13th June 1929 was the daughter of two RCA graduates, her father had been trained as a painter and her mother as a bookbinder and embroiderer by Mrs Christie.

Having left her father's art school in the North of England Alison joined Bromley school of Art to begin a qualification in embroidery. The staff of the department were at the time involved with the Needlework Development Scheme and this also became a part of Alison's experience. From Bromley, Alison left for Denmark to study embroidery returning to a part time job in the Art School system at Canterbury.

Years of teaching and travel followed, plus a marriage, children and the
production of two books of embroidery technique and design. During the same period Alison started the department of embroidery at Loughborough School of Art and the idea for an exhibiting group followed. In 1962 Alison, with a small group of her fellow artists founded the very successful '62 Group of Textile Artists'.

Latterly Alison decided to join her husband in Ireland eventually moving to her house in County Clare. Here a new career developed in the making and selling of Irish Crafts. Alison is still working, the inspiration for her embroidery being the estuary at the bottom of her garden, (see photograph, left).

The crew were Margaret Hall-Townley (interviewer), Bob Prince (camera), Gary Stadden (sound), Julie Graves (researcher) and Matthew Partington (director).