Date that this item was entered on to the web-site: 16th May 2003

Carol McNicoll, 14th May 2003

Interview with Carol McNicoll for the Craft Council's 'Show5' exhibition project

The ceramic artist Carol McNicoll was interviewed at her home in North London on 14th May 2003 for a short video which will be shown in an exhibition of Carol's work. The exhibition is part of the Crafts Council's 'Show5' project.

Show 5 is a series of retrospective exhibitions at venues around the country featuring work by Richard Slee, Jim Partridge, Carol McNicoll, Michael Rowe and Ann Sutton. The aim of 'Show5' is to showcase the work of pioneers in British Crafts. An exhibition of Carol's work will be shown at the Leicester City Gallery in the autumn of 2003.

'Pamphlet Holder', 2003,  by Carol McNicoll - slipcast , glazed and transfer-printed