Unpublishing and redirects

How to unpublish a component or a page in Sitecore

You will need to change the publishing restriction settings for the component or page you wish to unpublish using the steps below.

Change publishing restriction settings:

  1. Go to the item in Content Editor view
  2. Go to Publish tab on the top menu > Change button >Screenshot of the change button on the top menu.
  3. Unselect publishable checkbox > Ok >
    Screenshot of the unpublish settings.
  4. Publish the item (with smart publish)
  5. Item will delete/unpublish from target database

Multiple versions

If you follow the instructions and there are multiple versions of an item then you'll have to uncheck them all. Under the Item tab there is one checkbox to rule them all to make the task quicker.

Redirecting pages

If you unpublish a page, the URL will need a redirect. Contact the Web Editors at web.editors@uwe.ac.uk to organise the redirect and make sure you do this before unpublishing the page. We usually redirect pages to the parent page but sometimes there is another page which is more appropriate, the Web Editors can advise.