Content Page Simple and Content Page Advanced

Guidance on using Content Page Simple and Content Page Advanced templates in Sitecore.

Content Page Simple

Content Page Simple is the most basic page template on our system, with just one inbuilt 'copy section' to add content to. It's designed for short, simple pages such as booking confirmation messages.

Avoid using this template if your content is long and complex or you think the information is going to be developed and added to over time.

If you want to add a new copy section to a Content Page Simple, the only way is to build a separate copy section component and then add it to the page.

Content Page Advanced

The Content Page Advanced template has six inbuilt 'copy sections' where you can add rich text content, plus subheadings. This is ideal if you need to break up the text on a page to make it user friendly. You can also add in components in between the copy sections the using Experience Editor.

Although this template is great to break up content, it's not suited to building pages with lots of detailed, long-form text. In those cases, consider adding some different components to the page such as accordions, or use the Sticky Nav template.

Using the Content Page Advanced template

The six inbuilt sections which are part of this template are static, so it's not possible to drag and drop these fields around. If you need to change the order of content then try cutting and pasting the HTML into the different fields. You can edit the copy sections in both Content Editor and Experience Editor.

Example of a Content Page Advanced template with copy sections.
Experience Editor view of the Content Advanced template

Dos And Don'ts

Content Advanced is quite an easy template to use but there are some simple rules to remember.


Do think ahead and content plan so you know how you will break your content up into sections and what subheaders to use.


Do use the 'You May Also Be Interested In' section at the bottom of the page to link through to other pages that might be useful for the user.


Don't use this template if you have lots of copy, especially if you have more than six sections.


Put a long section of text into just one of the copy sections.