Logging on

Accessing Sitecore

Visit Sitecore to log in. If you don't have the link, please contact webeditors@uwe.ac.uk

Logging on

You will need to click 'UWE staff login (single sign on).

Main log in page for Sitecore

Step 1

It will ask you to log into your work account. Click on this option.

Step one sitecore log in

Step 2

  1. Enter the code sent to your phone here.
  2. Tick this.
  3. Click 'verify'.
Phone verification

Step 3

Once you've logged in, you will see this screen.

Screenshot of the Media Library icon on the start page.

Troubleshooting log in

Sitecore has a maximum number of users at one time, if you are unable to log in this could be why. Email Neil Finlay at Neil.Finlay@uwe.ac.uk or the Web Editors team at webeditors@uwe.ac.uk for support.