Linking to documents

Adding a hyperlink to a downloadable PDF or Word Doc

Once the document has been uploaded to the Sitecore Media Library, you can link to it from your page or component using a copy section (a Rich Text Editor field).

Use the normal internal linking function to create the hyperlink as you would with an internal page, but instead of using the internal link tab at the top, select the 'MEDIA ITEMS' tab: 

Screenshot showing the Insert Media Item window.

Then navigate to your PDF in the list and insert the link. Alternatively you can use the search tab and perform a search, but just make sure you are linking to the correct item and not a page or image with the same name.

Do not use the 'insert media' button instead of the internal link button, as this will not work and is intended for embedding images.

Remember your document will need publishing before you submit your page/component for publishing, otherwise the link won't work.

When choosing the link text, use the document title and make sure to put either (PDF) or (DOC) in brackets as well, this is important for accessibility and user experience reasons.

It may also be helpful for the user if you turn the link into a 'Call to Action' button using the 'Apply CSS Class' drop down in the Rich Text Editor, but this will depend on the content you are working with - if the link is in the middle of a sentence then you should use a normal hyperlink.