Stat Section

When and how to use Stat Section

The Stat Section is used to display between one and three numerical statistics. Each stat needs a headline number (or word) and a brief sentence explaining what it means. If there is a source for the stat, you can also link out to that.

This component isn't suitable for long sentences - the summary sentence should be as short as possible.

Stat Section example

Stat Section screenshot.
Stat Section mobile view.

Adding a Stat Section

Stat Section adding

Screenshot of the Stat Section back end.
  1. The process for adding a stat is the same for each stat. Add the key number (or word) in the 'Stat One' (Or Stat Two/Three) field. If you're using words instead of numbers, it must be only a word or two.
  2. Add the postfix (eg %, £) in the Postfix field.
  3. There is an optional space for a link to the stat source, which works in the same way as the normal website link function.
  4. You need to add your description in the Description field. Keep it short and add a full stop to the end of the sentence.