Featured Link

When and how to use Featured Links

Featured Links are quite self explanatory from their name - this component is used to highlight an important internal (or occasionally external) hyperlink on a page. This is often a subpage within the section, but sometimes we cross link between sections, for example the business pages about internships link through to the student-facing information about internships, and vice versa.

The component includes a wide image to draw the user's attention, as well as a wide block colour background for the text which you can change from teal to purple in the display settings.

You have the opportunity to add in a header and a few lines of body text to give the user some context around the link that you are featuring, this way they understand what they are clicking on. There is also a Call to Action button to encourage the user to click through.

These components are used often on landing pages as well as general subpages.

Featured Link example

Featured link screenshot
Featured link mobile view.