This page a selection of images of some of the V&A exhibits we looked at, alongside the finished pieces made by the exhibitors from the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE). For detailed information about the makers and more images of their work please go to the makers page. Click on the small images below to see bigger versions. Click on the makers' name to find out more:

Dish by Thomas Toft,
Staffordshire, c.1680
Marks: 'THOMAS TOFT' and 'TL', inscribed
Lead-glazed earthenware, slip decoration

Tortoise Plate
by Matthew Price
Dish, made in Sunderland, c.1800-50
SUNDERLAND', impressed slipware

C.127-1909 Given by Mr Sydney Vacher
Slipware dish
by Carol Reynolds
Model of a cradle
Staffordshire, c.1670-1730
Earthenware with slip decoration

C.305-1921 Given by Mr C H Campbell
Drawing by Jan Booth of the V&A pot
by Helen Cornish-Smith
'Pew Group'
Made in Staffordshire, c.1740
Salt-glazed stoneware

Peer Group
by Nikki Bath
Porcelain & paper-clay with black stains
Puzzle-jug, Staffordshire, dated 1764
Inscribed 'W M 1764',(on the front)
Salt-glazed stoneware, pierced round
the neck with holes forming date: '1764'

C.415-1928 Given by Mr D.A. MacAlister

Fuddling cups
by John Reed
Tin-glazed earthenware

Teapot, Staffordshire, c.1756-60
Lead-glazed earthenware
C.19&A-1938 Wallace Elliot Bequest

The crowned portrait and Prussian eagle represent
Frederick the Great and his alliance with England.
by Kevin de Choisy
Teapot, Staffordshire, c.1750-60
Lead-glazed earthenware, with pierced
and underglaze oxide decoration

C.75&A-1948 Part of the Arthur James Collection
bequeathed by his wife
Double-walled vessels
by Sian Edwards
Teapot Made in Staffordshire
Lead-glazed 'agate' earthenware
Acorn Squash
by Fiona Bates